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Prune Master-pruner treatment



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Cleans, Disinfects, Lubricates, Stops Rust , Non-toxic:safe for pets and people. Fungicidal: Prevents disease cross contamination between plants or between cuts when pruning.
Prune Master is a patented, EPA Certified and trademark registered fluid spray for pruning tool maintenance. Dirty tools won't cut even if they're sharp! No abrasion is necessary for removing dirt and sap from tools with Prune Master, which saves labor and prevents tool cutting edge damage. Prune Master lubricates tools for smooth operation and it extends tool life. University tested to kill Fireblight bacteria and Fusarium fungus cross contamination from pruning tool usage. Safe to the environment because it contains 100% food grade ingredients. No grower or landscaper should be without Prune Master Pruning Tool Treatment.
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