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  • All Purpose Garden, Farm and Vegetable Bed Flamer

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    Got Weeds? Get rolling with this heavy duty 2 million btu flame weeder! 

    The ORIGINAL Red Dragon GF-2011 multi purpose garden flamer is a truly amazing device that enables you to do more effective work in less time with less effort!

    No hand weeding, No hoeing, No Round Up or other chemicals. No tractor required!

    Get fired up! The Red Dragon vegetable bed flamer has 5 x 400,000 BTU torches that operate from a standard 20 lb. propane grill tank or a larger 40 lb propane tank.

    The propane tank(sold separately) securely rests on a sturdy cradle and remains perfectly balanced over rugged, light weight, high impact wheels with durable solid rubber tires.
    The wheel spacing is easily adjustable so you can flame a vegetable bed up to 30" wide in one pass with no missed spots.
    The wheels straddle the bed in the pathways on either side so there is no worry about compacting newly tilled soil or disturbing crop seeds when flaming weeds prior to seedling germination.

    The offset handle, with cushioned handlebar enables you to comfortably walk in the paths on either side of the growing beds while flame torches are positioned over the beds.

    The handle can also be positioned so that you can walk directly behind the flamer for many other tasks, and the height of the handlebar is adjustable for comfort and ease of use.

    The torch bar is adjustable for the optimum flaming angle.

    Sturdy stand helps keeps torches at a consistent height and can be removed when flaming contoured areas like vegetable planting beds.

    You can control the fuel pressure with the UL listed adjustable regulator and fuel pressure gauge attached to the propane tank and an easily accessible knob mounted on the handle bar at the operators’ position.

    • Use for stale seed bed preparation and pre emergence flame weeding new planting beds.
    • Especially great for the elimination of faster germinating weeds after planting beets, carrots and other slow to germinate crops.
    • Desiccate cover crops prior to cultivation.
    • Fantastic and FAST for long gravel drives, path ways, large parking areas or horse riding arenas.
    • Use for lawn renovations prior to over seeding and more.
    • Anywhere you need to control unwanted plant growth quickly and easily in a large area.
    • Can also be used for melting thin layers of ice and drying paved areas in cold weather.
    • Made in the USA,
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    (*Propane tank not included, uses a standard grill tank. If you need or want a larger tank, call for for more info there are some options available)

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