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Jet Torch kit, 2 million btu with 25' hose

$360.00 $339.00

The Jet8C Torch Kit is one of the largest of the Red Dragon Torch Kits. The torch is 7 feet in length and is rated up to 2,000,000 BTU per hour. It is capable of producing a flame up to 6 feet in length. THIS FLAME IS HUGE! Used to burn the spines off of prickly pear, or for forestry services clearing large areas of vegetation. Burn off invasive plants like Lespedeza or Wild Parsnip in pastures, keep irrigation and drainage ditches clear without the use of harmful chemicals.
100# propane cylinder or larger required. (cylinder not included.)

The Jet Torch works from a pilot flame and goes between pilot and full flame with a convenient squeeze valve at the handle. Aluminum construction makes the Jet Torch light and easy to handle. (Weight is 8 lbs.)

Kit contains:
Torch with squeeze valve
Fuel Pressure Regulator
25'L LP-gas hose
P.O.L. fitting
Pipe thread sealant