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  • Spade- King of Spades, 15" blade with D or long handle


    Due to staffing and material shortages, there may be slight or significant delays in receiving your King of Spades and other WW tools. If time is of the essence, call us at 434-823-4600 to see the current time frame for delivery on your product. Orders may be cancelled up until the time of shipping.

    The King of Spades -now with "Zee-Blade" technology:*The Worlds Only Self-Sharpening Blade* AND patented heat-treating method that makes these tools super strong and last forever. Watch out for the proliferating cheapo COPYCATS of this genuine American innovated tool! THIS is the real thing. Super strong yet surprisingly light weight, rust resistant welded blade and handle, hand crafted in the U.S.A. by WW Manufacturing of aircraft quality steel. Classic spade shape, well balanced, with a good feel and weight for digging trees and shrubs, edging beds and general nursery and landscape work. D-handle, 15 inch long straight blade and tubular steel shaft and ā€œDā€ handle. 43 inches long x 7.5 inches wide; 5 lbs, 15 oz.
    The comfort and strength of the WW King of Spades plus new Zee Blade Technology make a winning combination for all gardeners and landscapers.
    Available Options
    Blade style: select classic straight bottom blade, or sharpened diamond pointed blade for especially tough soils with roots.
    Handles: D handle, roomy steel handle won't ever snap off! A good overall length of 42" for less stooping
    Shock absorber D handle has a rubber top to reduce impact when digging or edging all day long, same length as regular D handle. (SA/Shock absorber handles have been very popular and may take 2 weeks to ship. Call or email first if timing is critical)
    Long straight handle for extra digging and prying power, or for taller humans. Overall length is 65"
    Footpads: If no selection is made, no footpads will be included. The spades have a generous tread on both sides for stability while digging. Add replaceable rubber footpads to one or both sides to cushion your feet from the impact of digging. Replacement pads are available under Parts.

    ***The King of Spades has a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer against breakage under normal use.***