Better Tools for Better Gardeners
  • Sampson small spade -no serrations, one side or two side serrations, handle length and style choices

    The King of Spades brings you the small yet powerful Sampson Spade, the ultimate tool for relic hunting, treasure hunting, metal detecting, camping, gardening, harvesting, planting and more. Patented heat-treating method makes these tools super strong so they last forever. THIS is the real thing. Solid, unbendable steel yet surprisingly light weight, with a rust resistant welded blade and handle, hand crafted in the U.S.A. by WW Manufacturing. This small spade is made of aircraft-quality steel alloy with a pointed, sharpened blade for enhanced cutting power. Small enough to carry in a pack or belt.
    Options available:
    Ball or T handle
    18", 31" or 36" overall length
    2 sharpened edges(no teeth), 1 sharp + 1 serrated, or both serrated edges
    (super sampson also available)