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Shovel- long handle all steel unbreakable shovels


These excellent garden and landscape shovels feature super strong welds, not too heavy, with angled handle. Made of aircraft quality steel. Sharpened blade and a wide step on each side for non slip digging power. Excellent for all kinds of digging applications. Delivers more of your strength to the work at hand with the ergonomically designed handle and the tilt angle of the shovel head. Will not bend or break under normal use.

***This item has a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer against breakage under normal use.***
Hand crafted in the U.S.A. You need one.
Call if you would like help deciding which shovel would work best for your application. 877-353-7783
WW13 Long handled flat shovel with pointed edge LHVPTF blade 12" Great for moving materials like sand, stone, gravel, soil 55" Long, 5 lbs
WW14 Long handled round back shovel with round blade LHVSS "Cap rock" 11" blade, 62.5" long, 5.75 lbs
WW15 long handled rounded blade pointed edge LHVPTRĀ  Round-point shovel 11" blade, 53.5" long, 5 lbs. Our most popular and versatile shovel, great for digging, moving materials, popping ridiculously large shrubs and trees.