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  • Flame Weeding- 100,000 BTU Deluxe VT 2-23C WEED DRAGON® – Vapor Torch Kit

    $76.00 $64.00

    The original, made in America vapor torch!
    A clean and green alternative to herbicides like roundup and glyphosate! The 100,000 BTU flame thrower/ flame weeder is an efficient, economical, chemical free and fun way to destroy weeds, melt ice, start charcoal grills and light brush piles.
    Great for homeowners who need a controlled yet powerful flame for garden areas around other plants, as well as edges, gravel areas etc. Comes fully assembled. This torch kit is still plenty powerful for lots of tough jobs all year long and generates heat up to 2,000° F. The 100,000 BTU Weed Dragon quickly hooks up to any refillable propane tank (20 lb. barbeque cylinders work great) and comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting (you don't even need a wrench). Overall length from torch bell to back of handle is 27 1/2".
    Torch Kit includes: 100,000 Vapor Torch w/grip, 5' U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose, Hand-Tighten Excess Flow P.O.L. Fitting, U.L. Listed Regulator, Spark Lighter

    Options include squeeze valve and cylinder dolley cart. Select options below, under "options".

    Added option of a squeeze valve with adjustable pilot. The perfect add on for those who do a lot of spot weeding and don't need a continuous full flame. The added squeeze valve will pay for itself in propane savings in no time. Overall length from torch bell to back of handle is 34".
    Cylinder dolly option for fuel tank. This dolly cart makes the perfect companion for any Red Dragon Torch Kit and is ideally suited for LP Gas cylinders up to 40 pounds. The single handle allows the operator to use a torch and move the dolly simultaneously. When the torch is not in operation, it can be stored on the convenient torch bracket. Features rugged, welded tubular steel, with two seven inch steel wheels. The rugged CD-100 also features a solid 1/2" axle, assuring years of dependable use. Comes with an adjustable tank strap. Maximum load capacity is 100 pounds.

    It is important to remember when flaming in and around desirable plants that heating those leaves can cause damage as well, so be careful around flowers and shrubs - particularly evergreens. Conifers are very flammable and should be avoided. Poison ivy, oak or any poisonous plant should be avoided also- the smoke from flamed leaves can cause a rash to your skin, eyes and lungs! Always keep a fire extinguisher and water supply close in case of an emergency.