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  • Flame Weeding- Backpack and tank with Weed Dragon 100,000 or 400,000 BTU torch

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    Flame weeding is a clean and green alternative to herbicides. Go anywhere with this totally portable, lightweight backpack flame weeder. This professional grade Weed Dragon flame weeder, (a.k.a. "Flame Thrower" by some folks) with convenient backpack and 10 lb propane cylinder is the go to weed control tool for gardeners, landscapers, market farmers or ranchers. Flame weed fence lines, steep banks, or uneven terrain where the dolly cart just won't go!
    Choose 100,000 BTU (homeowner) or 400,000 BTU (small farm, estates) under "options", same price either size.
    The 100,000 BTU flame weeding torch is adequate for most garden and farm applications. The 400,000 has a much more powerful flame so you can work faster over large areas, but uses more fuel per hour.

    Please don't use on poison ivy/oak/sumac, or highly flammable materials. If you have mulched areas, simply wet down with a hose before flaming.
    (A recent rain, dew and ambient temperature have little effect on the effectiveness of flame weeding!)
    Back pack flame weeding kits includes: 100,000 or 400,000 BTU Vapor Torch, 5' U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose, Spark Lighter, Back Pack Frame and a 10 lb. Propane Cylinder. (The 100,000 BTU torch includes a Hand-Tighten Excess Flow P.O.L. Fitting and a U.L. Listed Regulator)
    You can also add an optional fuel conserving Squeeze Valve w/adjustable pilot for accurate control between the pilot flame setting and full flame.
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